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Trex is synonymous among composite decking brands. Since 1996 Trex has invented, defined and perfected the composite deck category, to become the world’s largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking products. Archdeck of Nashville is proud to offer Trex to our valued customers. We are also the Nashville area’s premier Trex deck designer and builder

If your wooden deck is worn out and reaching the end of its useful life, listen carefully to the call of the Trex low-maintenance deck. Can you hear it?

A typical wood deck should last a good 15-20 years – if you follow the recommended maintenance schedule to a T. Cleaning and sanding. Staining and sealing. Year after year. It’s a lot of work, and you can still get splinters. Whether you do the work yourself or pay a deck-cleaning service, you’re investing time and money in this annual ritual.

Composite decking materials like those from Trex have the power to release you from wood deck maintenance forever. You may have heard that these wood alternatives are more expensive than wood. Up front, they usually are more expensive, but …

If The Idea Of A Nashville Trex Deck Is Music To Your Ears… There’s More!

Trex composite decking has three distinct collections, so there’s a style to fit every taste and budget. Along with your choice of decking board styles and a rainbow of colors to choose from, you can feel good about using Trex from an eco-friendly perspective, too! Trex composites are made from 95% recycled wood and plastic film. They also instill the most earth-friendly manufacturing processes in the country, reclaiming factory waste and eliminating the use of harmful chemicals.

Take a look at the styles Archadeck of Nashville has available. Keep in mind, all of Trex’s high-performance composite deck boards are engineered to resist fading, scratches and stains, and eliminate time-consuming maintenance so you’ll never step foot in the stain aisle again.

Trex Transcend®

Trex Transcend® is Trex at its best! This decking features a deep wood-grain pattern and luxury colors create a premium, timeless look to your Nashville outdoor living space. The Transcend® collection maintains its vibrant color and luxurious finish–from scorching sun or red-wine spill–thanks to its unyielding, three-side shell protection…and our 25-Year Limited Residential Fade & Stain Warranty.

— Transcend comes in multiple color options: Havana Gold, Island Mist, Lava Rock, Spiced Rum, Tiki Torch, Gravel Path, Firepit, Rope Swing, Tree House and Vintage Lantern (shown L to R).

Trex Enhance®

Trex Enhance® Decking comes in two worry-free collections. Trex Enhance® Basics and Trex Enhance® Naturals. If you seek the durability of a composite with the affordability of wood, opt for Basics. This long-lasting decking board requires little upkeep and comes in three classic colors.

— The Basics collection is available in Beach Dune, Clam Shell and Saddle (shown L to R).

For an authentic wood-grain appearance, choose Trex Enhance® Naturals. This high-performance collection includes five multi-tonal colors inspired by Mother Nature.

— The Enhance collection is available in Coastal Buff, Foggy Wharf, Rocky Harbor, Sunset Cove and Toasted Sand ( L to R).

Trex Enhance® Basics and Trex Enhance® Naturals both offer fade and stain protection, as well as enhanced mold and mildew resistance, to make maintenance simple. And because the boards are scalloped, they’re as lightweight.

Trex Select®

Trex Select® decking delivers luxury to your home in a more affordable way. Select decking features the Trex hallmark high-performance shell technology and a rainbow of nature-inspired colors. Now more than ever, Select® decking allows you to have your cake and eat it too!

— Trex Select®is available in Madeira, Pebble Grey, Saddle, Winchester Grey and Woodland Brown (L to R).


Weighing the Long-term Cost of a Low-Maintenance Deck

It’s true a low-maintenance deck is initially more expensive than a wood deck (with the exception of exotic hardwoods … but that’s another story). If you compare the cost of composite decks to those made of pressure-treated pine or redwood, then wood decks are more economical up front.

For a true comparison, though, you need to factor in the maintenance costs over the expected life of a wood deck. You can expect a pressure-treated pine deck to last about 15 years and a redwood deck to last about 20. We’re assuming you perform all the recommended maintenance. The wood maintenance chores not only keep your deck looking good; without them it wouldn’t last that long.

Add the cost of 15-20 years of maintenance to the price of your new wood deck. Then, in 15-20 years, you will need to start all over again because that deck will need to be replaced – or at least redecked. Meanwhile, your neighbor paid a premium for a low-maintenance deck. The annual maintenance costs are … $0. The deck lasts … 25-50 years, depending on the specific materials selected. Who paid more?

Benefits of Owning Nashville Trex Deck

Here are The Top 5 Reasons our clients who opted for a composite low-maintenance deck made the decision to go with Trex (Please provide your own drum roll sound effects … )

5. We loved having a wide array of colors to choose from.

4. We don’t want our children to get splinters from playing outdoors.

3. We especially liked the resistance to mold, mildew, scratches, insects, rotting, warping, and cupping.

2. It’s beautiful … and our deck always looks GREAT!

Why “Low Maintenance” Doesn’t Mean “No Maintenance”

Low-maintenance decking boards are easy to clean with a hose or sponge. If you have a spill that won’t rinse right off, you can usually sponge it off with an ordinary household cleanser.

When you purchase a deck made of composite or synthetic materials, you’ll receive instructions about how to care for it. These instructions vary by manufacturer and also by product line in cases where a manufacturer offers more than one type of decking. You may be told to keep your deck free of decaying leaves, for example, by sweeping or blowing the leaves off periodically. Whatever the instructions, they will be nothing as onerous as sanding and staining or sealing. Not even close.

Archadeck of Nashville is your Nashville deck builder, but if it sounds like we’re trying to push a more expensive deck on you, we’re not. We want to help you make an informed decision. Contact us today to schedule your Trex deck design consultation or to answer any questions you may have. You can reach us by phone at the number below, send us an email at [email protected] or fill out the form above and we will get in touch with you very shortly.

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