Patios and Hardscapes as Part of an Outdoor Living Combination

While patios and vertical hardscape elements can stand alone as a sole outdoor living space, they also work beautifully in combination with other structures. Paired with a deck, screened porch or covered porch, a patio completes an outdoor living area, adding depth and functionality. Some patio contractors look at hardscapes in isolation, but that’s a bit limited—and limiting!—in our opinion. Archadeck of Nashville is ready to custom design an outdoor living combination, including hardscapes, to enhance your home and suit your outdoor living needs perfectly.


Hardscapes, including the all-important patio, add more than just square footage to your outdoor living space. Today’s paver patios, especially, add interesting, pleasing textures to your backyard leisure area. Vertical hardscapes such as seating walls, retaining walls, columns and planters, each functional in their own right, also add dimension and define your space visually. The term hardscapes can also refer to walkways, water features, and any other structures or amenities we can create with pavers, concrete or natural stone.


If you’re replacing a deck and thinking about incorporating hardscape elements this time, you’ll find that hardscapes transform your outdoor living space like nothing else.

Among Nashville Patio Builders, We Design Spectacular Outdoor Living Combinations

If you’re planning to add a deck and know you want an outdoor kitchen and/or a fire feature, we suggest several different options. You may be surprised to learn we can design an outdoor kitchen at one end—or side—of your new deck. While having an outdoor kitchen “on the deck” seems unconventional, if your deck is spacious, it works! We can do the same with an outdoor fireplace, making your deck an extra-special place—and the envy of your friends.


Many homeowners choose to pair their deck with a patio and use their custom patio design to anchor an outdoor kitchen or fire feature. The hardscape design possibilities are almost endless and depend on the size of your yard and what you prefer as the centerpiece of your patio. A fire pit makes the perfect hardscape centerpiece, especially when we design your patio with seating walls facing the fire pit. Or would you prefer to incorporate an outdoor kitchen and outdoor fireplace into your patio design, perhaps with a dining area in the center?


At Archadeck of Nashville, we are the patio builders Nashville homeowners trust to create a cohesive design incorporating hardscapes with other outdoor living structures. We don’t just build a deck and tack a patio on to the end of it. Before designing your combination of deck, porch, hardscapes, etc., we spend the time to understand how you want to use this outdoor space. Traffic flow and ease of use are just as important to us as aesthetics.

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Nashville Covered Patios with Vertical Hardscapes

Are you interested in a patio with shade as well as vertical hardscapes? At Archadeck of Nashville, we can design any outdoor living combination to include a shade structure. Pergolas are quite popular as shade structures, and they’re appealing as design elements, too. If you want total shade, however, you may opt for a patio that’s partly or completely covered by a roof. Some homeowners call these covered areas covered porches or open porches, and some call them covered patios. You’ll call it your favorite part of your home!


A patio that’s partly covered by a roof structure and partly open to the sky is ideal next to a pool. Whether you’re one of the swimmers yourself, or one who watches the kids swim, you’ll appreciate the benefits of a shaded area near the pool. We can design a patio that complements your pool surround, or we can create a patio that also becomes your pool surround.


Even better, let’s build that outdoor kitchen under the roof of your covered patio, and an outdoor fireplace at the uncovered end. Swimmers can eat, and diners—including the outdoor chef, of course—can swim. Then, everyone can gather around the fireplace at the end of the day for that magical, peaceful feeling you share around an outdoor fire.

If “Patio Builders Near Me?” is the Question, Archadeck of Nashville is the Answer


As you research companies to design and build your perfect outdoor living combination project, you’ll find deck builders, and you’ll find patio builders. Archadeck of Nashville excels at both! Top-notch deck and patio builders—companies who can design both types of structures so they work together seamlessly—are rare. As you read our reviews, you’ll understand the value of selecting Archadeck of Nashville to design and build everything you desire in an outdoor living space.

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