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At Archadeck of Nashville, we’re aware that many homeowners are searching online for “paver patio contractors near me.” Perhaps you’re also using this exact phrase, or similar terms. That approach may work well if you’re looking for a LOT of contractors who offer to build paver patios in the greater Nashville area. The resulting list of contractors is going to be a long one. You have no way of knowing if the ones nearer the top of the list will do a better job than the ones farther down.


Combing through your search results to determine which company is the most reliable and has the most expertise can take time. We can make that task easier for you! Schedule a free design consultation with Archadeck of Nashville. After that first meeting, you’ll know whether you want to work with us. Check our references and read our reviews, too. You’ll find that we’re one of the best paver patio contractors in the Nashville area. Our clients say we are the very best.

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Paver patio installation is complicated. And “installation” is not even the beginning of the process. That’s why we don’t usually refer to our services as paver patio installation. We do so much more than install patios and hardscapes! We custom-design paver patios, and we build them with care.

Nashville patio designs—custom spaces made to order!


Every paver patio we build is custom-designed for a specific client, the contours of their yard, and the design aesthetics they prefer. Now you see why there is so much more to each patio project than just installation. To learn how we create Nashville’s best paver patios, please read Archadeck’s Beautiful Nashville Patios are Patios Done Right.

Are you searching for more than just “paver patio companies near me”?


Ideally, you should look for a company that has achieved certification through the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI). Archadeck of Nashville is your ICPI certified paver patio installer. This professional certification tells you we have the experience and technical expertise to install paver patios that will last, beautifully, for a long, long time. You don’t want a patio that develops gaps, sunken pavers, or drainage issues.

When “paver patio contractors near me” is not specific enough


With such broad search terms, you’re likely to see all kinds of companies in your search results. From landscapers to bricklayers, plenty of contractors of all sorts will claim they can turn your patio dreams into reality. Or … will they cause nightmares? Read this article if you’re still wondering why you should you use a professional patio builder to build your new Nashville patio. Then, give Archadeck of Nashville a call to set up your free design consultation.

Paver patios near me? We’re right here!

From Brentwood to Lebanon and Spring Hill to Hendersonville, Archadeck of Nashville serves the greater Nashville area. If you have paver patio installation on your mind—and want the full professional treatment from soil density calculations to pleasing paver designs—give us a call.

Contact us today to schedule your hardscape design consultation. You can reach us by phone at the number to the right or send us an email at [email protected] or fill out the form above and we will get in touch with you very shortly.

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