Paver Patio Designs

Which Paver Patio Is Your Style?

With Archadeck of Nashville, you have more than a few design considerations for your new patio. Paver patio designs are popular choices due to the plethora of customization options they provide.


Paver patios designs give our clients a lot of room for inspiration. Because pavers are manmade, they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Our ability to mix and match patio pavers offers massive designer appeal to Nashville area backyards. Conversely, pavers also speak to clients, who prefer a more structured and uniform patio design. As your choice patio builder, Archadeck of Nashville can create a patio as bold or understated as you desire.

Paver patios with fire pits


One of the most usable and creative elements we receive requests for in our patio projects is a fire pit. Nashville area homeowners love the idea of being able to use their patios for summer bonfires and autumn gatherings. Not only will a paver patio with a fire pit give you more usable hours in your backyard each year, it will offer your overall design a fabulous focal point. The appeal of patios with fire pits cannot be overstated. If you want to up your patio game, just add fire!

Paver patios with walls


Another great paver patio design addition is vertical hardscape walls. Building a wall or multiple walls around your patio will introduce many uses. Paver patios with retaining walls are functional when a patio must align into the natural slope of a yard. Even if your backyard is perfectly flat, walls can still serve a great purpose around your patio. First, they offer visual separation from other areas of your yard. Very often at Archadeck of Nashville, we design patios with seating walls, where guests can gather around the fire pit, 360°. Patio walls are often used for decorative outdoor elements, such as planters. Vertical hardscape walls also lend themselves to a custom aesthetic by introducing natural or manmade stacked stone or other hardscape materials to your patio.

Paver patios with pergolas


Pergolas are popular additions for patios, as well. Adding a pergola to your paver patio design will provide much-needed partial shade in hot summer sun. Archadeck of Nashville can custom design your paver patio to include a pergola with electrical hook-ups for installation of a ceiling fan for cooling off, or for the accommodation of outdoor string lights for festive evening gatherings. Most of the time, we design paver patios with pergolas, which only span part of the patio. This leaves our clients to option to enjoy the open patio, or the covered patio – or both areas together.

Does a paver patio add value to a home?


One of the biggest questions we receive at Archadeck of Nashville is whether our clients’ new outdoor living space will add value to their home. Whether you are building a porch, deck, or patio, it is important to know whether you are making a good investment into your home. Adding a custom paver patio to your home can increase your home’s value. Some estimates for a return on a patio investment are up to 70%. This is important if you seek ways to improve your private use of your home, but also want to ensure that the improvement project you embark on will have monetary value to boot. Over the last few years, the value of adding an outdoor structure to a home has topped other home improvement projects, like finishing a basement, or kitchen or bathroom upgrades.

What kind of value can a paver patio offer for your Nashville home?


The real value is in our ability to design the perfect patio for your specific needs. At Archadeck of Nashville, creating the most beautiful, usable outdoor living space for our clients is priority one. Through our unique custom design process, our Design Consultants glean pertinent information from our clients, which helps us create a patio that is tailored to their every need. Patios are inviting spaces to call us outdoors with family and loved-ones. Host parties, cook-outs, wine tastings, book club, or simply soak up the morning sun with coffee in-hand – no matter your need, Archadeck of Nashville will create your ideal patio.
Are you considering a new paver patio design for your Nashville area home? Archadeck of Nashville is ready to help you create your ideal patio design. Let’s talk soon!

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