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Shabby deck got you down? Perhaps your porch is not just peeling, but actively falling apart. Waiting to make your repairs is not a clever way to save money, but an unsafe choice that could potentially lead to disaster. Instead of holding off until your steps cave in or your beams crack, get in touch with the experts at Archadeck of Nashville. Whether you would like to repair your existing structures, or build an entirely new structure, we have the skills and experience to not only bring your unstable deck up to code, but give it a complete facelift.

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If you are not certain whether or not your deck is truly in need of repair, or simply looking worn, safety-check these spots and look for these features.

Rail Posts:

Look at your rail posts and railing sections to make sure that the railing is secure. Check that the pickets/balusters are secure and spaced no more than four inches apart.


The house band, or the attachment of the deck to the house, is the area where most deck failures occur. Make sure that the deck is properly secured with appropriate screws or bolts — never nails — and properly flashed for water protection.

Deck Boards:

Inspect the condition of your deck boards. While most wood will show some cracks and splits over time, the boards should not be splintering and feel unsound.


A variety of fasteners and metal hardware connectors are used to create an unbroken pathway to ensure a deck’s stability. Check if the appropriate fasteners and connectors, as well as the hardware’s condition.

Posts, Beams, and Joists:

If the posts, beams and joists that provide the structural framework of the deck are visible, inspect them. Are they sturdy, or do you notice a definite sagging between supports?

Stairs and Exits:

Do not forget to check the areas where people exit from the deck. As they usually involve stairs, examine the state of the materials used on the stair stringers, stair treads and risers.


The footings of your deck support its weight and the columns that bear on them. A sinking footing may cause a perceptible droop in an area or a column separating from a beam.

If you notice these, or other warning signs of an unsound deck, call Archadeck of Nashville right away. We will work with you to revamp your old deck or construct a new one custom-built to your taste and specifications. Call or click today for your free quote and make your deck dreams a reality.

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