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Custom Outdoor Living Rooms

Extend your home to the outdoors with a custom outdoor living room from Archadeck of Nashville. Whether you want a tranquil place to relax or an outdoor entertainment hotspot, we can design a living space that is perfect for you. Outdoor living rooms allow you to utilize your yard in a whole new way and smoothly transition from inside to outside. You’ll love the space so much, you may soon forget about your indoor living room!

Outdoor Living Space by Archadeck
h2. Comfort and Class in Every Detail

Think of our outdoor living room designers as problem solvers – combining all the specific uses you’ll have for your yard into one cohesive design. With every plan we put together, we ensure that you get a comfortable, classy environment that matches your needs and goals. We work with the most exquisite woods and hardscaping materials on the market, so all of our outdoor living rooms are crafted to perfection. Just take a quick glance through our gallery, and you’ll see why so many people trust Archadeck of Nashville to design their outdoor spaces.

It’s about So Much More than Furniture…

While the furniture in your outdoor living room will play a big role in the overall appeal of the space, we consider that a finishing tough. What matters more than the chairs and tables you fill the space with is the design and orientation of the space itself. Will it function the way you need it to? Is there room for versatility in the future? Does it provide enough coverage, enough lighting, enough open space, or enough enclosure for you and your family? Can you add on to the living room if you wish to expand later on? All of these questions help make the perfect space for your family to enjoy for years to come.

Why Add onto Your Home When You Could Enhance It?

Your outdoor living room should be a part of your home, not just a feature that gets thrown on at the end. At Archadeck, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter designs because there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter home. Your design aesthetic and your home’s existing architecture must be taken into consideration for your outdoor living room. Our designers will create a plan that blends seamlessly with your home and still meets all of the needs of a traditional living room.

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